Mental health services to help you during this difficult time

Wildfires in Alberta are always a real possibility in spring, once the temperatures rise and the snow melts, yet no one expected what’s happening throughout our province so early in the season — 72 active wildfires as of May 23 and a total of 520 wildfires since the beginning of the year. The wildfires and […]

We can all help reduce wildfires

Wildfire season in Alberta may run from March 1 to October 31, but historically all of our major wildfires have happened in spring. With the arrival of spring and drier, warmer weather, the risk of wildfires increases, something we’re well aware of in the Slave Lake area. The fire that swept through the town of […]

As spring arrives, fire and driver safety more important than ever

We love spring. The warmer temperatures and melting snow give us hope that summer is almost here. Yet that nice weather also presents its own challenges, something we all need to be aware of and consider when enjoying the outdoors. Be Fire Smart From March 1 to October 31, fire permits are required for any […]

February Is a Perfect Time to Connect with Family and Friends

You might say that in the Slave Lake region, not only do we have Family Day on February 20 this year, but we also have Family (and Friend) Month. February may be the second-coldest month of the winter in the Slave Lake area (you guessed it, January holds top spot,) but it is also the […]

A New Year Focused on Growth and Success

The forestry industry has impacted Alberta’s growth and success for over 100 years, and that influence continues today. Last year, the industry’s Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) released a study – the Economic Impact Report, that revealed our industry alone generates $13.6 billion in provincial economic activity and another $2.7 billion in labour income. Additionally, […]

We live in a place that believes in the true meaning of Christmas

This Christmas, our community has once again come together to support those who may need a helping hand. Here are a few organizations that step up and make a positive difference for many people and families in our region during the Christmas holidays, and some ways you can support them. The Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre is […]

Remembrance Day 2022 – An Opportunity to be Thankful Year Round

Two special days happen in the Fall that bring us together, regardless of where we live in Canada – Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day. The reasons are different why these days exist, but the same sentiment runs through both – thankfulness. For the Vanderwell family, Remembrance Day has such special meaning. Canada has always been a […]

Giving Back a Big Part of Our Culture

Canada has always been a country that supports those who need a helping hand. It’s something the Vanderwell family benefited from and has never forgotten. Because of the First World War, our Great-grandparents left their birthplace – Holland in 1910, and ventured to North America, eventually homesteading in Alberta, where they became Canadian citizens and […]

Remembering the Children

On September 30, Vanderwell recognizes both Orange Shirt Day and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, a time to reflect on and continue the reconciliation of an extremely painful chapter in our nation’s history. Orange Shirt Day acknowledges the legacy of residential schools and honours the survivors and their families. One way we can […]

The long weekend is almost here – let’s have fun and practice fire safety!

Anyone who has lived in the Slave Lake Forest area knows that the welcome warmer weather also increases the chance of wildfires. As of August 25, the Alberta Government designated Slave Lake’s Fire Danger to be Very High. There’s only one higher classification — Extreme. This past week there was a wildfire just about 25 […]