We can all make a difference in 2024

What would happen if we each set just one New Year’s resolution that helps make a difference in a person’s life or the health of a family?

In a survey done last year, 29 per cent of Canadians focused their resolutions on their fitness and nutrition, all worthwhile goals and ones that most of us could improve. Yet, does an opportunity exist to set one resolution that looks at the communities we live in, and identifies gaps where a helping hand is needed?

Such help can come in many different forms. Cash donations are always welcome, but for many of us, that isn’t an option, and it isn’t always the option with the most meaningful impact.

Volunteering, that human connection, creates stronger communities, and everyone involved, whether volunteers or those who receive the services, gains a lot.

Here are some organizations in Slave Lake working to support our communities, and they are always looking for help. We know this isn’t a complete list, and if you’d like to send us other organizations that should be here, we’ll publish them in a future post.

Happy New Year!

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