Let’s all take a moment and enjoy family and friends — Lots to do this Family Day weekend

Family Day in Alberta is Monday, February 21. And while this holiday is always a special one to enjoy with family, friends, and our larger communities, it’s even more special this year. For the first time in two years, we get to enjoy it with less Covid restrictions.

At Vanderwell, we frequently talk about the importance of family, friends, and community. There really isn’t anything more important. It’s the people in our lives who sustained us and together, we helped each other get through a global pandemic.

If there’s one thing we can take from the past two years, it’s that we need each other and not just when a public health emergency happens. You can easily find research that shows pretty conclusively that people with strong ties to friends and family, and who are committed to spending time with them, experience the highest levels of wellbeing.

Maybe that seems common sense, something we all just know. Yet Family Day 2022 gives us an opportunity to put such thinking into action. And that doesn’t mean we have to put a lot of effort into planning anything special. Just like when we were children, often it’s the simpler and more spontaneous activities that turn out to be the most fun.

If you are looking for some fun activities organized this weekend in the Slave Lake area, check out these events:

Frost Fest, Winter Adventure 2022 on Sunday, February 20, sponsored by the Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory, Lesser Slave Forest Education Society, and Alberta Parks.

● Events at Big Fish Bay on Saturday, February 19. Activities include: Sleigh Rides through the campsite sponsored by Royal Lepage Progressive Realty, Maple Syrup Snow Candy sponsored by Slave Lake Regional Arts Council, Fix Coffee Bar & Bakery, and CNRL and a family skate night.

5th annual Kids Can Catch Ice Fishing Day on Sunday, February 20. Activities include: family activities, fishing, food and fireworks!

However you choose to enjoy your Family Day let’s all be safe. If you are out having a bon-fire, wiener or marshmallow roast make sure your fire is properly out so a fire doesn’t smoulder underground and re-ignite when spring weather arrives.

From everyone at Vanderwell, HAPPY FAMILY DAY!

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